The priceless moment Prince William was pranked into doing a Jägerbomb

scandal 06/11/2018

Turns out even the royals can't escape a good prank.

Over the weekend, while attending an event in London, Prince William joined a group of others for a toast. William and the rest of the group all raised their flasks thinking they were full of rum but for the prince, someone had switched it our for everyone's favourite drink...a Jägerbomb.

Photo: Getty Images

It's hard to imagine the royals drinking anything other than really expensive champagne or wiskey, but surely this isn't the first time ol'mate Will's done a Jägerbomb right? Well, it definitely wouldn't have been for Harry.

Not long after taking a sip, Prince William realised his drink had been switched and was spotted laughing with everyone else. 

Photo: Getty Images

Afterwards at the reception, Prince William spoke about the prank saying "That would have sorted me out," along with "I was expecting rum and got a Jägerbomb!”.

The Prince then joked "“I’ll never be asked twice about drinking, it’s very important. They tried to put a Jägerbomb in it! Imagine my surprise; burnt my throat!”.