Stealing your bf's hoodie is actually good for your health


Is he really your bf if you haven't stolen his hoodie? 

As much as he might hate you for it, we're here to save the day with a great excuse to keep it as your own - stealing his hoodie can actually be super good for you!

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology by researchers from University of British Columbia has found that the smell of your partner's clothes reduces your stress levels! Permanent stress can be very hard on your body, leading to many health issues in the long term, so this is great news. 

The study also found that if you suffer from loneliness and anxiety, the smell of the person you're in love with can have significant positive effects.

In the study, men were asked to wear their shirts for 24-hours, and these shirts were then frozen to retain the scent. Women who were in a relationship with one of the men were then asked to smell three shirts at random - one of which belonged to their partner, one clean, and one from a stranger.

The women were asked to take part in stressful situations like maths tests (yuck) or mock job interviews, and see how their stress levels were effected after smelling the clothing. 

Their salvia was testing to monitor their stress levels, as well as them self-reporting their feelings of stress. 

The results were that the gals who smelled their partners shirts had significantly decreased stress levels than those who didn't. Those who smelt a stranger's shirt were the most stressed.

Psychotherapist and psychologist Peter Klein said: "Research suggests women have a better developed sense of smell and men are more visually stimulated, so men would be more likely to experience stress reduction through seeing their partner's clothing. How close a woman feels towards her male partner - how much oxytocin she experiences when she's with them or happy she is in the relationship - will also affect how comforting she finds smelling the clothing."

Well, there you go guys. LET US KEEP BORROWING YOUR HOODIES!