Sharyn opens up about her own story of being bullied as a kid

Jono Ben & Sharyn 13/11/2018

We could not be more proud of our very own Sharyn Casey for opening up about her own experiences with being bullied in hopes of helping other who are going through it now. 

As a part of the Stand Strong NZ series, Sharyn opened up about being bullied during school and how she got the nickname 'Sharynoia'.

Despite the fact that she can laugh about it now, Shaz said the nickname stems from painful experiences during her schooling where she would be left behind while her classmates biked to school together, and she had to walk into school alone.

She went on to say it was like "that feeling like you've been punched in the guts - that nobody else wanted to hang out with me, so I'd hang out by myself."

Sharyn then passed on advice given to her from a close friend which taught her the value of good friends.

"She made me write a list of all of my friends and go through it with a highlighter, and highlight the friends that made me feel good; that I got back the same as what I put in; the ones I always had fun with; the friends I could trust," she recounted.

"When you look back at the list, the ones you highlight are the ones you spend the least time with.

"Two awesome friends are worth so much more than 20 fake friends."

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SOURCE: Newshub.