Pizza Monopoly now exists that even comes in a big pizza box

trending 17/12/2018

Monopoply a.k.a the game that can ruin friendship, holidays and just overall family time but what can fix that? Everyone's favourite food, pizza.

Hasbro has released a brand new version of the classic board game we all now, called 'Monopoly Pizza'.

The game works the same as the original but instead of property, you'll be buying different flavours of pizza including 'classic pepperoni', and 'barbecue chicken'.

Speaking with Delish, Hasbro described the game saying:

'Players will move around the game board trying to buy as many types of pizza as they can -from classic pepperoni or spinach to mushroom. Instead of buying properties or collecting rent, players will aim to collect a color set which corresponds to a type of pizza, such as veggie lovers, barbecue chicken or even mac and cheese! A full set of flavors combines to make an awesome new pizza, giving those cards a higher value. At the end of the game, the player who collects the most pizza slices wins.'

The playing peices have also had an upgrade so now, instead of playing as a car, you can now be a cheese grater!

Check out more photos of the new game here.