Patrick Gower has a new documentary coming out all about weed


There's going to be a two-part doco led by Newshub's Patrick Gower all about weed.

He will explore the pros and cons of legalising marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use.

Paddy will explore this untapped billion-dollar industry and viewers will see Paddy like he’s never been seen before - unchained, taking an eccentric, quirky and personal deep dive into the world of medical marijuana and the prospects for big business. 

Patrick Gower says this documentary is going to give Kiwis the real deal on weed.

“My aim is to get to know more about cannabis than anybody else in New Zealand, then pass that onto the rest of the country. We are going to show the best of the drug - like its miraculous effect on people. And we are going to show the worst - the way it can destroy them too.”

“This is journalism like I’ve never done before - I am putting myself right out there with the dealers, the growers, the patients and the addicts. And there are going to hell of a lot of laughs along the way.”

“We’ll go from Northland to Colorado, Hamilton to Los Angeles and even down south to Nelson to get the answers. With Kiwis voting on whether cannabis should be legalised set for the next Election, there is simply no better time to do this.”

Patrick Gower: On Weed will be on our TV screens in 2019.