Patrick Gower bravely opens up about not letting bullying ruin his life

scandal 13/11/2018

Last night the legend that is Paddy Gower opened up about bullying throughout his life and how it didn't stop him ending up where he is.

Writing for Newshub, Paddy says "It all started with 'Paddy Carrots' and 'Bugsy'.

As a schoolboy, I had seriously protruding buck teeth, and I would get called a lot of names because of it.

My heart still sinks today just thinking about it."

He goes on to say: 

"I have easily had thousands of negative comments about the way I look.

And let me tell you it hurts as much today as it did back at school. It doesn't matter how many times you have heard it, or how much you have achieved - it still hurts.

Up until today I have never really addressed this, I have usually deflected it when I get asked about it or been self-deprecating along the lines of "I'm no oil painting" etcetera.

But recently I spoke to some journalism students at the University of Canterbury who were worried about what people would say about their looks if they went on camera.

It really made me think.

So I told the students some of the things that people say about me and posed the question: "Imagine if I had listened to all the people that say mean things about my looks? Imagine if that had stopped me or slowed me down? Imagine all the amazing things i would have missed out on. What a waste it would have been."

So that's my message to everyone: I refuse to let name-calling stop me chasing my dreams.

Never let negative talk about your looks hold you back. #StandStrongNZ"