Married At First Sight NZ's Ottie has been charged with drink-driving

scandal 05/11/2018

Married At First Sight's Ottie, who was originally paired with Gareth, has reportedly been charged with drink-driving.

According to Stuff, last week Ottie was pulled over in Richmond, Christchurch. After undergoing a breath test, Ottie was found with a level of 473mcg of alcohol to a litre of breath.

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The legal limit in NZ is 250mcg which, going over, will give you a ticket but going over 400mcg will mean you need to go to court.

Stuff went on to say that Ottie has been granted a registrar's remand without having to appear before the community magistrate in court.

Last week it also came out that Ottie's partner on the show, Gareth, kissed Monique after the show finished with Monique saying to Stuff "It wasn't planned and was very unexpected. We care a lot for our MAFS family, even if we didn't show that in the best way on Saturday night.  We are all still friends."