Lorde's just started beef with Kanye West on Instagram

scandal 13/11/2018

Kanye West is usually the one starting beef with everyone else online but for once he's the one getting called out by none other than our very own, Lorde.

In the past, Lorde's referred to Kanye as her 'Idol' but earlier today she wasn't afraid to speaking her mind.

On Instagram, Lorde accused Kanye and Kid Cudi of stealing her 2017 Coachella stage design during their performance yesterday.

During their song 'Kids See Ghosts' at L.A's Camp Flog Naw, the pair performed inside a big levitating glass box which looks almost identical to the one Lorde used almost a year earlier.

In a series of stories, Lorde showed the identical sets:

before writing'I'm proud of the work I do and it's flattering when other artists feel inspired by it, to the extent that they choose to try it on themselves,'

'But don't steal - not from women or anyone else - not in 2018 or ever.'

We'll have to wait and see what Kanye West has to say back to Lorde (and it'll most likely be in the form of another crazy tweet...)