Lady boss Hilary Barry epically shuts down troll who thinks she has a "feminist conspiracy"


You're familiar with Hilary Barry. She's the legend who graces our TV screens daily. She's also a boss b*tch and we love it.

Her social media is an absolute treat. She posts things like pics with Michael Buble!

And because she's on social media - like a lot of people who have a large following - she gets horrible feedback. Recently someone called her a "stupid c**t" and she replied like the legend she is.

Aaaand now she's done it again. Someone called Phil hit her up on Facebook asking why she sniggers every time she introduces "Outback Truckers". Phil is clearly a fan of the show and is offended by the thought she finds it mildly funny. He went on to assume she laughed because it doesnt star a "dolled up, smart mouthed uppety tart in a leading roll" buuuuut Hilary kindly set the record straight.