Here's what the Riverdale couples would look like as Disney characters

trending 02/11/2018

We love us some Riverdale and Disney, so we're all here for a crossover.

Thankfully artist André Manguba was on the same wavelength when he recreated the Riverdale couples as Disney characters - and they're absolutely magical as we expected. 

He combined Rapunzel and Flynn Rider with Riverdale's Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones to come up with this beauty:

Hercules and Megara were merged with Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge:

Manguba's personal fave was his rendering of Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz as Arial and Moana - which also took the longest to come up with he said.

"To be honest, this took me the longest to conceptualize because I wanted the best choice of Disney characters to portray them," Manguba said in the interview. "I thought Ariel and Moana would fit them perfectly because of the fan theories telling how they could have met in the same universe. Not to mention the perfectly matching hair color of Cheryl and Ariel."

And finally Alice Cooper and F.P. Jones were reimagined as Belle and Prince Adam aka Beast in this gorgeous pic:

Manguba has plans to expand his Riverdale x Disney series as Season 3 unfolds, with new characters and pairings - “There’ll be new characters introduced this season which I might possibly draw soon. I brainstorm a lot of crazy and creative ideas and there are many possibilities on how I’ll execute them, which keeps me excited for future Riverdale artworks.”