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Ed Sheeran defends his decision to wear a t-shirt and jeans next to Beyoncé

scandal 07/12/2018

A couple of dats ago, Ed Sheeran and Beyonce performed their duet "Perfect" together for the first time at the Global Citizen Festival in South Africa.

Of course their singing was ~perfect~ but people couldn't take their eyes off of Ed's casual getup. Ed was wearing standard Ed gear but next to Queen Bey he ended up looking, well, casual.

Right after people saw what both stars were wearing, a huge debate erupted on social media. Some people thought the outfits perfectly represented white male privilege and thought the public had wrongly enabled Ed to think it's OK to wear this in the presence of Bey.

And others thought it just represented their different careers and stage presences.

Of course all this chat got back to Ed who apparently didn't really GAF. He took to his Instagram Stories to post a picture of the shirt along with a joke, "swipe up to 'get the look'" and "#dresstoimpress." LOLLLL.

If you feel so inclined, you can get Ed's T-shirt from the UK streetwear brand Hoax 1994, haha.