This Home & Away couple just announced they're getting married in real life!

scandal 18/12/2018

Could not be happier right now!

They play husband and wife on the show but now James Stewart and Sarah Roberts, a.k.a Justin and Willow, will get to play husband and wife in real life after announcing they're engaged.

Speaking with New Idea, Sarah said James proposed last month at their favourite restaurant, which just so happend to be the same place the had their first date.

"Some good friends said, 'Keep it simple'. So, I was sitting in this Italian restaurant and I was sweating, but I kept it simple – which made it more real." James said.

You tricked me," Sarah added. "I didn’t see it coming this soon. When the box came out I thought, 'Maybe it’s a birthday bracelet', but Jimmy was nervous, a bit sweaty, and his eyes were watery. I knew something was up."

When asked about the ideal date for the big day, Sarah said "Spring would be a great time to have our wedding. New beginnings, new life, new chapter."