'Making A Murderer' lawyer Kathleen Zellner shares new info about Steve Avery case


Making A Murderer returned to Netflix last month, giving us the binge watch we all needed.

The first season which aired in 2015 told the story of Steven Avery and his wrongful conviction for sexual assault, before looking into his second charge - the murder of Theresa Halbach.

Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey were both convicted of the murder of Halbach.

The second season picked up where the last left off and introduced us all to Kathleen Zellner, Avery's new lawyer (and bloody highlight of the season amirite), who is working to get his conviction overturned.

Zellner has taken to Twitter to share some details she says viewers didn't get to see in the show.

In tweets, she shares a 'walk-through' of what she learnt while working on the case and points to another suspect - who she refuses to 'rule out' is Brendan's brother Bobby.

Her tweets began: "Making a Murderer watchers, listen up. I'm going to walk you through what I've learned through my investigation that you didn't see in the show."

She continues the lengthy thread with: "1. On 10/31/05, Scott Tadych visited Bobby at the Avery salvage yard (ASY) around noon.

"2. After Teresa (TH) called the Dassey landline for directions, our suspect contacted her back with the Dassey address.

"3. Teresa arrived at the ASY around 2:30-2:31 p.m. on 10/31/05. Only Bobby and Steven saw her. After completing her photo assignment, she left & turned West on Hwy 147 around 2:38 p.m. Our suspect followed her. Steven was in his trailer."

"4. Our suspect gets TH to pull over. She opened her car's rear cargo door to retrieve her camera, was knocked to the ground and struck with an object.

"5. TH was put in the rear cargo area of the RAV4 and driven back to ASY

"6. TH's RAV4 was spotted leaving the ASY with an unknown driver at 3:45 p.m.

"7. RAV4 was left by the old dam West of Mishicot on 10/31/05.

"8. 3 witnesses saw RAV4 up to 11/4/05, then it was gone.

"9. Recent investigation shows the RAV4 battery died, so it was replaced in order to move the RAV4 to the ASY.

"10. TH's body was burned in a burn barrel. Dassey burn barrel had human bones.

"11. 60% of bones and 31 teeth missing.

"12. A witness smelled horrible odor of something burning in Manitowoc County gravel pit the evening of 10/31/05.

"13. The Dassey garage was never luminoled or DNA tested. Bobby hung a deer in the Dassey garage on 11/4/05.

"14. Sikikey note-Body burned at smelter 11/4/05, 3 a.m. Tadych worked the night shift at a smelter facility. His nickname: Skinny.

"15. TH's electronics were not burned in Steven's burn barrel; they were burned in Dassey burn barrel.

"16. Suspect knew Steven's finger re-bled on 11/3/05 because he observed it.

"17. Suspect had access to Steven's trailer to remove blood from the sink.

"18. Only our suspect knew the blood in the sink was Steven's and not TH's (this rules out the police).

"19. Suspect planted blood in RAV4, bones in Steven's burn pit, and TH's electronics in Steven's burn barrel.

She ended: "In conclusion, the killer is the person who had the access and opportunity to plant Steven Avery's fresh blood in Teresa Halbach's car. Use #AskZellner for questions"

As you can imagine, the hashtag went off with hundreds of people getting in touch with their questions - such as:

Avery is currently in the Manitowoc County jail, where he has always maintained that he is innocent.