Trailer for Derren Brown's "social experiment" show asks someone to take a bullet for a stranger


Oh man, it's happening again! Get ready for your head to be a bit messed with. You may remember a show called The Push on Netflix by Derren Brown. It explored the idea of whether someone would commit murder if they were pushed into it and it was pretty controversial - receiving an R16 rating on Netflix.

Now, Netflix have dropped the new trailer for Derren Brown's upcoming special "Sacrifice".

In Sacrifice, Brown has picked yet another unsuspecting victim to take part in a mind-twisting experiment. This time, we'll get to meet the unsuspecting Phil, who'll be pushed to the point of no return as he faces a terrifying question - will he take a bullet for a stranger?

In the trailer, we meet Phil who has strong views on immigration in the USA, insisting he isn't racist but is 'more biased towards white people'.

Although Phil thinks he's just taking part in a big group study, really Brown is using a range of psychological tricks to dramatically change his subject's thought processes, with the idea being that maybe these prejudices can be diverted to the extent that he'll choose to take a bullet for an immigrant living in the USA illegally.

Of course we don't know what decision Phil makes in the end. But we do get to hear Phil say: "It's been an experience... I can't even begin to say how much it's going to change me moving forward."

Sacrifice will hit Netflix on 19 October.