How much KJ Apa earns for each Riverdale episode

scandal 01/11/2018

Consider Riverdale's one of the biggest shows in the world at the moment, it's no surprise that the stars are raking in it when it comes to their paychecks.

Variety has gone away and done some serious calculations to find out what the stars of some of our fav shows are making per episode.

When it comes to our boy KJ Apa, looks like he's had a serious bump up in pay from his days on Shortland Street with the actor said to be making $61,000 NZD per episode on Riverdale. 

So for a full 22 episode season, that'd be a pay check of $1.3 million NZD which we would definitely not be complaining about.  

But Archie and the rest of the Riverdale gang are far from the top of the highest earners list.

Variety went on to work out that some of the stars of Stranger Things, including Millie Bobby Brown and Winona Ryder, each earn $537,000 per episode of the latest season. 

At the top of the list were Julia Roberts who's making $920,000 per episode of her new series 'Homecoming', Norman Reedus from 'The Walking Dead' who's said to make $1.53 million per episode and to top it off, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston who are both reportedly earning $1.69 million for an upcoming Apple series.