The UberEats obsession in NZ is real, and here are the stats to prove it

trending 05/10/2018

We don't know what we ever did without UberEats tbh... how else would we survive those lazy Sundays where we don't get off the couch?

Apparently we're not alone though, with the latest stats from NZ UberEats being released to show us our obsession is pretty mild compared to some Kiwis.

Since launching, NZ's hungriest customer tied equal in Auckland and Christchurch, with 73 orders in a week. 73!!!!! What on earth.

The biggest order UberEats NZ have had was in Auckland from Saan (a Thai restaurant in Ponsonby), totalling $733 for 46 items. Christchurch followed up with their biggest order of $678.30 from Hachi Hachi.

The smallest order in contrast was a 20 cent whipped butter sachet from McDonalds Grey Lynn. That's actually pretty hilarious tbh - laziness taken to the next level.

We're not surprised by the most popular meal ordered - across all 3 cities it was burgers. For those late night muchies though, the most popular meals were kebabs and Mexican. Yeahhhh, we defs contributed to those stats...

There's nothing worse than waiting FOREVER for your meal to arrive, and UberEats know this. Their fastest delivery time in both Auckland and Wellington was 4.5 minutes. Is that even possible?! Both orders were from Maccas, giving a whole new meaning to 'fast food'. 

Aucklanders really lived up to their city dweller reputations, with a total of 30,254 coffees, 37,845 smoothies or shakes, 19,125 Bahn Mi's and 51,047 salads ordered across the city since UberEats launched. 

And if you're wondering what the most popular time of the week to order is, you could probably guess it was Friday at 6pm across all three cities. Gotta get those end of week treat yoself meals guys.

Let's not forget the hardworking delivery drivers who we can thank for our delicious meals dropped straight to our doors - or even to bedroom windows sometimes. The most trips taken by a single delivery partner is 7871, totalling 24,453km. We love you delivery drivers <3.

And what we all really want to know - what were the most popular orders early Saturday morning (12am-3am)? The top five are: Meat on Chips from Kebab King Symonds Street, Nachos Deluxe from Pepe's Mexican Grill on Riccarton Road, Meat and Chips from Asian Kebab, the classic Big Mac Combo from Maccas Grey Lynn, and of course, the Kebab Wrap from Best Turkish Food Co.

All this talk of food has made us pretty ravenous... time to add one more stat to that list!