The Mrs. Doubtfire kids are all grown up, and they just had a reunion

scandal 26/10/2018

We are nostalgic af becuase the cast of the 90's classic Mrs Doubtfire got back together again!

Pierce Brosnan, Mara Wilson, Matthew Lawrence, and Lisa Jakub reunited Wednesday, October 25th, for a 25th anniversary reunion special set to air on Today next month. 

They posted some footage from their cute af meet-up.

“Guess who?” Brosnan, who played Sally Field’s love interest Stu in the movie, wrote on Instagram. “Today, after 25 years, I gathered around a table in the company of three beautiful young people, to talk story about a film that has touched the hearts of so many.”

"Sally is on tour with her new book," Brosnan explained. "Robin is in heaven making the angels laugh and was spoken of with the fondest of love and and sweet memories. Can ya guess the movie? The Today Show is airing our interview in early November. Join us for the 25th anniversary of the #MrsDoubtfire."

Jakub also posted a clip from the reunion on her Twitter feed, sharing a video Brosnan took on his phone that pans between a pic of the cast gathered as children, and then as adults in real-time.

"At the premiere of Mrs. Doubtfire," Brosnan narrates, "and here we are, we go back slowly, and... ta dah! Love you all so much. So good to be part of your lives. I wanna get into the picture as well."

“Our step-dad,” Wilson jokes, before leaning in to give Lawrence a hug while Brosnan kisses Jakub on the head.