Selena Gomez has reportedly been checked in to a mental health facility

scandal 11/10/2018

According to TMZ, Selena Gomez is reportedly recieving mental health treatment after recently suffering an 'emotional breakdown'.

 Sources have said Selena's been hospitalized twice in the past two weeks. The first came after friends of hers said she was 'despondent and emotional' over her low white blood cell count in regards to her kidney transplant.

After spending a number of days in the mental health facility Cedars-Sinai, Selena was released before being re-admitted for the same problem.

According to TMZ, on the second visit Selena reacted much worse and after doctors insisted she shouldn't leave in the condition she was in, Selena apparently 'freaked out' and had a 'meltdown'.

She's now reportedly recieving dialectical behavior therapy, a treatment Selena's recieved in the past to help with mental health disorders, at an East Coast psychiatric facility.

Selena's reps are yet to comment on this news.