Prince Harry offered this kiwi uni student a job while in NZ

scandal 31/10/2018

While most of us are just left with student debt and a pile of job applications after uni, this student's already got a job all lined up thanks to everyone's fav Prince.

During a youth mental health event in Wellington on Monday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met 19 year old Lucia Kennedy who's currently studying at Victoria Uni.

Speaking with Stuff, Lucia said:

They came up the stairs in the Maranui Cafe, I was introduced and basically had a chat to them. Then I took them around all the participants and kept the conversation going at the next two tables,

Lucia went on to talk about the surprise job offer saying:

I said to Harry, 'I finish uni in two years, I'd love to come and work for you'. He said 'we'd love to have you, just give us a yell when you come over we'll sort it out'.

We're not saying we're jealous right now but come on, how cool would that be!?