Polly Pockets are back and we're feeling nostalgic af

trending 12/10/2018

Remember Polly Pocket?! If you grew up in the 90s you'll know what we're talking about - those cute little pocket-sixed foldable doll houses with accessories galore.

AHHH the nostalgia!

Well the tiny toys are making a comeback in Aussie for their 30th year anniversary since the first set was released. How on earth has it been that long?!

The original Polly Pockets will return to Aussie toy stores, with all new features. Jacinta Whitehead, the Marketing Director for Mattel toys who now own the brand, said the relaunch will hopefully "envoke feelings of nostalgia for the Millenial mums of today, who grew up loving Polly Pocket."

"This is a chance for them to share with their children the fun and excitement they had with Polly when they were younger."

Four new products will be released before Christmas. We know what will be going on our Chrissy wish list this year!