Patrick Gower is all of us when it comes to Prince Harry

scandal 30/10/2018

Patrick Gower went to Wellington to catch a glimpse of the royals - and fell in love.

Newshub's national correspondent has been covering the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in New Zealand, and it's quite clear it had a rather lasting impact on him.

"I've come down with what I call a fever - a serious fever for which there may not be any cure," he told The Project on Monday, to concerned faces, before revealing the nature of his ailment.

"And that's royal fever. I was out there today and saw Prince Harry and Meghan.

"I tell you what, I was a republican right up until today. I am now a full-scale royalist."

"I fell in love on the streets of Wellington. I fell in love - with Prince Harry," he says.

"His mother was known as the queen of hearts... and I just want to say this to Harry: you are the king of hearts.

"You are at the very least the king of my hearts."

Gower also hopes the royal succession jumps a few people to get to Prince Harry.

"I wish we could go straight to having you as the King of England and the King of this great country."

SOURCE: Newshub.