Oreo iced coffee is a thing - is this real life?!

trending 26/10/2018

We don't mean to alarm you but... OREO ICED COFFEE EXISTS!


US brand International Delight have released the caffeinated, cookie flavoured beverage to Walmart stores, but it doesn't appear to have made its way to little ol' NZ yet unfortunately. Sorry to do this to you.

The limited edition drink is made with real milk and cream, and is a solid 8/10 according to food 'grammer Candy Hunting: "Keeping this short, the coffee does taste like chocolate cookies, not like generic mocha. I don't get much in the way of the creme flavor, but I'm assuming if they played up the creme flavor, it would drown out of the cookie. Overall, a good take on an Oreo coffee flavor. 8/10."

We'll take 100 please.