McDonald's introduce three new burgers to their NZ menu


We love hearing out new products from our fave food places! So we were happy to hear that McDonald's New Zealand outlets are adding new burgers to their menus - the Almighty Texan BBQ, the Spicy Nashville Chicken and the LA Mustard Mayo.

Donut balls are also being added as part of the new 'Tastes of America' range, and the Spicy Nashville Chicken will be made available as a wrap.

The new items will be available for a limited time. Here's what the new burgers are:

The Almighty Texan BBQ Burger

Part of the Angus beef range, this is the big boy of the McDonald's NZ new offerings. There's no lettuce in there to water down the taste - it's two big beef patties, a bunch of bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise. It's full on.

The Spicy Nashville Chicken

Like the chicken offerings in McDonald's 'gourmet' selection, this is a chicken patty topped with a bunch of fresh lettuce, onion and tomato. After the recent McDonald's sriracha sauce revival, it's the spicy sauce that sets this new burger apart - it has a kick that chilli fans will enjoy.

The LA Mustard Mayo

This one has a quarter pounder patty in it along with what looks and tastes quite a bit like what goes into a Big Mac. The dijonnaise forms its primary flavour, but basically think of a Big Mac without the middle bun and one big patty instead of two smaller ones and you're close.

The Tastes of America range is launching at New Zealand McDonald's outlets from Wednesday, and will be available after 10:30am.