Kylie Jenner posted photos from last Halloween when she was pregnant!

scandal 02/11/2018

Kylie Jenner looked like she had a good time this Halloween! She had like a million costume changes and they were all amazing.

First of all, there was the butterfly outfit with baby Stormi, who looked SO ADORABLE.

Then there was not one Barbie outfit...

But two! The props and everything give us life.

Then there was a group costume, where all the Kardashian-Jenners dressed up as Victoria's Secret angels.

There were also more costumes but we'll stop now.

Although all her outfits were great, was her throwback to 2017 that topped them. 'Cause, you know, ~pregnant Kylie~!

Since Kylie kept her pregnancy secret from the general public, it meant we didn't get to see pregnant Kylie much! It also meant we didn't see her Halloween costume last year. And it turns out that she didn't let being pregnant stop her from dressing like an actual angel.