Kylie Jenner just gave a massive shout out to Shaaanxo on Instagram

scandal 10/10/2018

We're literally freaking out for Shaaanxo right now because, as Kris Jenner would say:

With over 108 MILLION followers on Instagram, it's no surprise Kylie Jenner is one of the most valuable influencers on the app and also one of the most expensive.

A report from earlier this year found that Kylie's posts are now worth more than $1 million and we'd hate to imagine how much a story would set you back. 

That's why Kylie's shout out to Shaaanxo earlier this morning is such a massive deal.

Before her Halloween collection drops later this month, Kylie sent it to different make-up influencers around the world including New Zealand's very own Shaaanxo to try out.

Not long after Shaaanxo posted her video, Kylie gave her a shoutout to not only her 108 million followers with 4 stories, but also the 17.6 million kyliecosmetics followers: