Julia admits she dated another Married at First Sight groom

MAFS 18/10/2018

We can't even imagine this match up..

Julia from Married at First Sight NZ has spoken out about having a few "awkward" dates with past MAFS groom, Brett Renall.

Apparently, Julia was thrilled to see Brett had found his soulmate, Angel, on one of the most dramatic shows in New Zealand - "It's awesome he's found true love".

It's pretty difficult to picture Brett with anyone but Angel, especially as their relationship has been going from strength to strength. From being the fan favourite couple, to moving in together, to having chats about children, Brett & Angel are 100% relationship goals.

It's also awesome to see Angel's commentry of this year's show on Twitter, it's been a super entertaining watch.

Julia is currently matched with Dave on MAFS and is still trying to find a spark between them. We can't wait to see how their relationship progresses and which of the couples will be as loved us as Brett and Angel in the end.

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