Ja Rule responds after 50 Cent buys entire section at his gig to make it look empty

scandal 29/10/2018

In case you missed the (kinda hilarious) news over the weekend, 50 Cent bought out a section at a Ja Rule concert so it would appear empty - the latest stunt in their decade-long feud.

Lol ~petty goals~ amirite.

Ja Rule has now responded and if you were expecting some MGK/Eminem beef then you may be a little disappointed. Ja Rule was mature about it, it turns out.

He tweeted to his 222,000 followers:

Fiddy even Photoshopped a picture of himself sitting around empty seats!! Lol!!

We were pretty impressed with Ja Rule's mature response to this chat...but then we went on his Instagram...

Today he sent out photoshopped pics of 50 Cent wearing make up and posting with strap ons sooooo...

The squabble between the rappers is said to have gone back to the 90s when Ja Rule was robbed at gun point at a store in Queens, New York, where they're both are from.

According to Rolling Stone, the Power actor says that Ja Rule falsely accused him of stealing his jewellery before bringing it to the attention of Irv Gotti, the founder of Murder Inc. Records.

But Ja Rule says the tension started during a video shoot in Queens. Alright, make up ya minds, boys.