How much money you can make from being a Lime Scooter charger


In case you don't know what Lime Scooters are, they're the latest craze for all us lazy peeps who don't want to walk anywhere, lolz.

They're electric scooters that use an app to log your ride (and pay for it).

Obviously these bad boys need to be charged and that's where people called "juicers" come into it. They get paid to charge the scooters back up.

This morning Dom, Meg & Randell spoke to John who is a Juicer! Basically it entails you getting a charger from Lime and picking up flat (or half flat) scooters to charge them at your house. John said most of the picking up is in the evening when the scooters are flat after being ridden on all day and pick up time is basically from about 9pm.

Much like riders, John has an app that actually shows him where the flat scooters are and how much you can make from picking them up and charging them. He says they're about $7 usually and can go up to $14 a scooter.

We know what you're thinking: but what about my power billllll? According to John, Lime said that they don't expect them to cost you more than about 68 cents in power to charge from 0-100. And often a lot of the ones that John charges aren't even on 0 when he takes them in. 

So, is it all worth it? You decide - John said he made about $450 from doing this in his first week (which he says wasn't "too busy").