How to score $100 free Lime credit for your next scooter trip

scandal 02/11/2018

Shout out to this hero that we never knew we needed, until now...

Lime Scooters, a.k.a what you see everyone riding around town on, have taken NZ by craze over the past couple of weeks.

Earlier this week we found out just how much you can make from from being a 'Juicer' when Dom, Meg and Randell spoke with John who said he made about $450 from doing this in his first week (which he says wasn't "too busy").

And now we've found out who you can score $100 free lime credit to use over the next month.

Posting on the Facebook group 'Overheard @ Auckland University', Sam Hambling let everyone know there's the promo code 'JEFFSFRIEND' which will add $100 free credit to your wallet.

And it actually works so get that added ASAP!