Study proves guys are more satisfied by 'bromances' than their own romantic relationships

scandal 29/10/2018

That life long insecurity that your boyfriend would way rather hang out with 'the boys' than you has just been scientifically proven, thanks a lot science.

As if Monday's couldn't get any worse, a new study has found 'young men get more emotional satisfaction out of “bromances”—close, heterosexual friendships with other males—than they do out of romantic relationships with women'. 

The study surveyed 30 something straight guys who were in their second-year of college and were currently in a relationship, or had been before.

Every damn one of them reported having at least one “bromantic” friend...

with whom they engaged in “no-boundaries” behaviors like sharing secrets, expressing love or sleeping in the same bed - at some time or another.  29 out of 30 men said they had cuddled with their bromantic partner.

...good luck out their girls.