FYI You can now buy a giant 12-foot bed that sleeps 5 people

trending 05/10/2018

This is EXACTLY what we need in our life.

Have you every lay in bed thinking that it just isn't big enough. Maybe you wanted room for another 2 or 3 people? (Let's be real, we actually just want that extra room so we can fit like 2 pizzas and our laptop without been crammed together).

Well, today's your lucky day because there's now a bed that's almost DOUBLE the width of a king size.

The Ace Collection's Ace Family King Size Bed measures 12 foot wide which might be a bit of a struggle to fit into your standard double bedroom but just think of all the extra room for activities! (no, we didn't mean anything dirty when we said that - that's all on you for thinking it).

We hope you've still got some cash saved up from all your smashed avos though because this thing does not come cheap.

This Family King Size Bed will set you back £1,855 ($3,728 NZD) for the frame and another £2,040 ($4,100 NZD) for the base which comes to a grand total of around $7,828 NZD all up!

Considering everyones already flatting, maybe this is the next step. Instead of renting out rooms in a house, you could rent out room in your 5 person bed...