Btw, in case you haven't noticed, Luke from "The Haunting of Hill House" is so hot


By now you're probably watching/have binge-watched Netflix's Haunting of Hill House.

Dw, there are no ~spoilers~ in this article.

If you're watching it and you're into dudes, you definitely would have noticed adult Luke 😍

What can be a little distracting from his hotness is how he often looks quite sick in the show. But dw, he's not sick looking irl. His name is Oliver Jackson-Cohen and you need to get to know this guy.

We're enjoying looking at pics wayyy too much so we're just going to keep piling them on you rn:

Btw we're not the only ones dying over how hot he is.

This man is an absolute treat and we cannot get enough of him. Look at him on the red carpet. 

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Something else we're dying over are these pics of YOUNG LUKE AND OLDER LUKE TOGETHER AHHHH.

Right, now back to looking at him. This time with his shirt off.

To be fair, we do love the whole cast so here's a cute group pic <3