Bombay Sapphire released edible paint to pimp out your GnTs

trending 26/10/2018

We love GnTs like the next person (read: everyone), but they aren't exactly the most pretty of drinks are they?

Well Bombay Sapphire are here to change that with their new range of edible paint. 

It's only available at 5 London bars at the moment, but it's set to be released more widely soon. The current paint only comes in blue, with more colours in production at the moment. 

We can't wait to make a rainbow gin!

Created by award-winning bartender and Duck & Waffle in London's Head of Cocktail Development, Rich Woods, the signature cocktail using the paint is created by painting a stroke of the blue liquid down the side of your glass before the alcohol and mixer is added. 

Renaud de Bosredon, Brand Ambassador for Bombay Sapphire, said: "We want people to have fun and be creative with the way they enjoy this iconic serve. Each essence has been carefully designed to complement our botanicals, showcasing the perfectly balanced flavour profile of Bombay Sapphire, and providing the ideal canvas for creative cocktails."

It's a yes from us.