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Ariana Grande returns her engagement ring but keeps the pet pig

scandal 17/10/2018

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have recently had a shock split. Like many couples, this probably entails splitting their assets which in this couple's case includes a super expensive engagement ring aaaaand a pet pig!

Sources have said Ariana has already returned the nearly $100k engagement ring she got back in June. The ring was a one of a kind, made specifically for Grande, and took weeks to complete.

The couple also have another important asset - Piggy Smallz. This is their teacup pig they adopted last month. 

Davidson even got a tattoo of Smallz on his torso shortly after she became part of their family. Ariana actually bought the pig so techhhnically it's hers and she's keeping it.

Ariana and Pete ended their engagement a couple of days ago. It's been reported that the death of Ariana's former boyfriend, Mac Miller, was a breaking point for the couple's relationship and the split was a long time coming.