A Brooklyn Nine Nine fan has combined everytime Jake Peralta says 'cool'

scandal 08/10/2018

2018 really is the year that the world came together, and agreed that Brooklyn Nine Nine really is an international treasure and needs to be protected at all costs (we're looking at you FOX...)

One of the main reasons we all love the show has to be Mr Jake Peralta. 

Jake, played by Andy Samburg, is always coming up with different ways to avoid his emotions which usually involves a joke or new saying like 'toit' or 'noice' or everyone's favourite 'cool, cool, cool, cool'. 

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We'd hate to imagine all the times Jake's said 'cool' over the past 5 seasons but luckily for us, someone's taken one for the team and combined every single time Jake's said his classic line.

So while you wait for season 6 (because we know you've already binged season 5 of 99 which is finally on Netflix) you've now got a 3 minute 30 second vid to get your 'cool' fix: