Your puppy presents are about to get a lot more extra with personalised wrapping paper

trending 28/09/2018

Guys, it's only 3 months til Christmas...!!! Yeah we know that seems forever away, but it'll come quicker than you think, so best start thinking about what you're gonna get your fam. 

More importantly though, best start thinking about what you're going to wrap those pressies in. ENTER: Personalised doggy wrapping paper. 

British artist Heather Alstead is offering up personalised pooch wrapping paper, featuring the face of your chosen doggy and their name.

You can choose from over 40 different breeds, select it's fur colour, then enter their name and ouila! you've got the cutest damn wrapping paper ever. Have a look at all the options here.

Heather Alstead Designs also creates personalised doggo mugs, cards, keychains and more - so maybe warn your fam that all they're going to be getting this year is a range of items with your dogs face on them! You're welcome.