Woman charged for eating $20,000 worth of ham at work

trending 14/09/2018

Anyone who's worked in a supermarket deli can probably relate to this lady, so they might be pretty shocked to find out what happened to her...

A woman working in a grocery store in Bolivar, Ohio, ate between 3 and 5 slices of ham from the deli every day while she was working across 8 years. And now she's being back-charged for it.

Apparently, across the 8 years of working, the woman stole the equivalent of $13,000 USD worth of ham, and sometimes salami - that's nearly $20,000 NZ dollars!!!!

Apparently one of the woman's collegues had dobbed her in to the bosses for sneaking the snacks every day, leading to her being charged by the local authorities. 

She's facing potential theft charges, but the Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Office said that more serious "felony charges are unlikely".

Sheesh, who would've thought ham could be so expensive?!? While we don't condone stealing, we kinda feel sorry for the lady tbh... all she wanted was a bitta ham...