What else $1,899 could get you instead of the new iPhone XS

trending 13/09/2018

Earlier today Apple announced their three new iPhones with the cheapest being $1,899.

Yep, $1,899, and that's just the starting version. The next model up will cost you $2,099 and if your reaction to that was something along the lines of 'f**k that's expensive' then don't worry, you're not alone.

We figured whether you buy the cheapest version of the one up from it, you're going to be spending around $2,000 so we just wanted to point out some other things you could buy for around that same price.

1. 400 packs of Garlic Bread from Countdown

2. Return $500 trips for you and 3 mates to Hawaii

3. 3 tickets to Coachella

4. 150 10pc Chicken McNuggets combo

5. A car on TradeMe

6. 400 $5 pizza's from Pizza Hut

7. 1 small popcorn at the movies

8. "Flights to LA, New York, EVEN F*CKING TIMARU" - Sharyn Casey

9. 2000 Frozen Cokes from Maccas

10. Kmart's entire new home decor range for $934.75. Which means you can get it TWICE

11. Puppies from the SPCA!

12. 1666 KFC Wicked Wings

13. 40 peices of clothing from The Iconic

14. A 9 night Contiki through the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium

15. 0.25% towards a house deposit in Auckland. yup, that's a quarter of 1 percent...