Victoria University's officially one step closer to changing its name

scandal 24/09/2018

Victoria University of Wellington is set to drop 'Victoria' from its name, with an overwhleming majority of its Council voting in favour of a name change.

It will recommend to Education Minister Chris Hipkins that the University's new legal name become 'University of Wellington', and its Māori name Te Herenga Waka.

There were nine votes in favour and two against.

In July, the Council made a draft decision to recommend the name change.

There was opposition to the move with a 'Stick with Vic' protest held on campus in August against the change, letters of submission against it and 6000 people signed a petition to keep 'Victoria' in place.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Grant Guilford said a name change would distinguish the university from several others with the same name around the world.

SOURCE: Newshub.