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This tennis player looks exactly like Liam Hemsworth and the internet are in love


We loooove a good celeb doppelganger. Because when you find one good looking person, it's bloody exciting to know that there are even more of them in the world. Especially if they're not as famous, because they're more...achievable...ya know? Lol!

The latest celebrity twin to sweep social media? Athlete Karen Khachanov, a 22-year-old Armenian tennis champ who squared off against Rafael Nadal at the 2018 U.S. Open recently. 

He played an impressive game but there was another thing the internet were noticing. How much he looked like Liam Hemsworth.

Social media users noticed the uncanny resemblance pretty much instantly, wondering if Miley Cyrus’s longtime love has been secretly moonlighting as a tennis champ all along. Take a look:

And yes, Khachanov is aware of the comparisons, revealing that he is, in fact, the fourth Hemsworth brother via Twitter. LOL.

Btw sorry he is married so all the Hemsworths and Khanchanov are off the market... :(