This team just won a record breaking £100,000 on The Chase

scandal 04/09/2018

Whether you were home sick, or just bored flicking through TV channels one afternoon, at some point everyone's watched abit of The Chase.

And while we're usually at home being like "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THE ANSWER", one team has just broken records by winning a whopping £100,000 (NZ$194,900) - the most money ever won on a daytime TV show.

Teammates Diane, Luca, Tim and Gayna quizzed their way to victory and will claim £25,000 (NZ$48,720) each after beating chaser Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty on the TV show, which is produced for ITV in the UK.

The team managed to get 21 steps on the board in the final chase segment, before Hegerty ran out of time.

"Oh my God!" they exclaimed while in a group hug as the audience applauded their win.

"I'm going on a really nice holiday and I'm going to take my mum to see Les Misérables at West End," said Gayna.

Tim said he was going to buy a "very big plane" with his winnings, while Luca said he'd get "a takeaway from The Ritz".

Diane said she'd treat herself to a wing walk experience and was going to take a loved one to an Arsenal football match.

SOURCE: Newshub.