This t-shirt will make your boobs look bigger and we want 10

trending 11/09/2018

Push-up bras and breast enlargements have been commonplace for years, for those women wanting to achieve a bigger cup size.  

But now a Japanese designer has given women (and men) an easier way to make their chests appear larger, and it's a hit. 

Website ekoD Works has already sold out of an unusual T-shirt which uses an optical illusion to give the appearance of bigger boobs. 

"With a unique MOUSOU mapping technology, ekoD Works effectively expresses the volume of your breast by the distorted grid patterns in the front," the website reads. 

"That's the concept of this 'breast boost' printed T-shirt. Wearing it, you will surely attract a great deal of public attention." 

CREDIT: ekoD Works

The science behind the T-shirt is fairly straightforward. When staring directly at the pattern, the lines distort dramatically outward, meaning the chest appears bigger.  When looked at from the side, there is a big difference. 

Already, the T-shirt - available in pink and white for NZ$55.40 - has sold out, with the retailers promising another shipment in soon. 

Photos of the top were shared on Reddit, with one user joking, "People are gonna ask why I'm wearing the same shirt in every picture ever from this day forward".

"I need this shirt please," another added. 

However, not everyone is a fan, with another user complaining, "First make-up, now this. You have to be mother f**king Sherlock Holmes just to know what a girl looks like nowadays."

"This is why I have trust issues," wrote another. 

SOURCE: Newshub's Sarah Templeton