This Princess Diaries star is super hot now and we're digging it

trending 07/09/2018

Mia Thermopolis (AKA Anne Hathaway) apparently wasn't the only one to have a major makeover in the Princess Diaries, one of our favourite early 2000's chick flicks.

You guys remember Jeremiah, the awkward red-haired magician who was bullied by the cheerleaders? 

Yes, him. Well, he's not so awkward anymore. In fact, he's incredibly attractive.

From this:

To this:

34-year-old Patrick John Flueger started off his acting career as Jeremiah but has since made quite a name for himself in a huge array of tv shows and movies. And we're not surprised we don't recognise him!

He's come a long way from his magician days... Talk about Longbottoming.