The Edge office share their horror flatmate stories


Flatting isn't always the most ideal situation to be in. Sometimes it's super cool and fun and sometimes flatmates can grind ya gears, right?

We know this all too well and thought it would be funny to ask The Edge office what their worst experiences with flatmates have been and boy did everyone deliver. We're sure that some of you guys could top these stories...

Here are the best (worst) stories:

"Breaking into my bedroom when I was on holiday and using the excuse 'we had no where else to put the clock' - WTF"

"I had one flatmate in uni halls that got so high he stacked up all the furniture in the lounge on top of each other then went to the fridge and sawed all my vodka cruiser cans in half"

"Ordered a stripper who broke our damn couch"

"On of our flatmates flushed the inside of a toilet roll down the toilet, clogged the damn thing, proceeded to flood the entire bottom floor of the house with poo water"

"Had mould growing through the whole bowl of their ensuite toilet, couldn’t even see white!"

"Had a flat mate spray paint 'f**k donald trump' and 'yeah the boys' on our garage roof on crate day one year"

"Unhinged our door and put it on 2 bar stools to create a beer pong table at a flat party"

"We had a flatmate that had one of those annoying helicopter alarms that flew around the room (making a horrible siren screaming noise) until you got up to catch it and turn off. This f**king thing would go off for 15 mins every morning (at 6am) because the arsehole slept through everything. I've never wanted to throat punch someone more in my life. Anyway we went away for new year's and he forgot to turn this alarm off. We get home a week later to hear his helicopter alarm screaming. This f**king thing had been going off nonstop 24/7 for at least 5 days straight. The neighbours wanted us dead."

"Used my bath towel as a sex blanket when he hooked up with a girl after a party"

"Had a flat mate put a pack of cards in the microwave while we were having a party and everyone in the house was upstairs on the deck so no one knew that he'd done it. Came down stairs about 20 minutes later and the house was filled with black smoke and fried the microwave!"

"Spewed in the toilet but missed the toilet and didn't clean it afterwards for A WEEK"

"Brought one girl home and slept with her then the next day said goodbye to her at the door and another one turned up 5 minutes afterwards"

"BOUGHT A PET LAMB IN RICCARTON IN CHRISTCHURCH. We all had to take turns feeding it wow. It used to baa so loud."

"Took the labels off tins so you didn't know the contents"

"When I first moved to Auckland I knew no one so I moved into this apartment in Newmarket and my guy flatmate (who I didn’t know) used to shit with the door wide open and like grunt - was very traumatic"

"Had a flatmate that stole my friends ID, scratched her face off and stuck a photo (an actual selfie) over it with nail polish, we found it in her phone case. We hit her up about it and she denied the whole thing"

"One of my old flatmates used to pick his nose and play with it. One day I was doing a flat clean before inspection and realised the window frame was covered in thick snot..."

"I woke up one day to find my flat mate had transformed our shared lounge into his personal office. Computer, desk, chairs, printer. He would then hold meetings in there until 1am. God knows who he was meeting with and what needed to be organized at 1am on weeknights but it was a f**king disaster"

"My flatmate decided she'd start tutoring high school students maths at our house without asking us. Would come home to random 14-year-olds sitting at our dining room table and their mums sitting waiting on the couch in our lounge"

"Told their friend to shit at our front door, and they did"