The Bachelor's Osher Gunsberg shares his struggle with depression & psychosis

scandal 10/09/2018

We've seen him as the charming host of The Bachelor Australia but behind the scenes, Osher Gunsberg was struggling with alcoholism, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, body dysmorphia and episodes of psychosis.

In an interview with SBS News, Osher powerfully shared details of his personal life. Where he spoke of having bouts of psychosis for sometimes hours and days where he was in that head space:

I was seeing pretty intense paranoid delusions. A blurred channel or a glitchy channel where reality and what was happening in my brain were kind of flicking on and off

During his delusions he describes being physically in pain "Like I was being stabbed in the stomach with a barbecue skewer".

He also spoke of his struggles with sucidal ideation, saying that the best solution he could come up with was to make it stop. He acknowledged that alcoholism and drugs contributed to the psychosis he experienced.

There was a time in my life when drinking champagne straight out of the bottle was a really cracking idea. And there was a time in my life when accepting pills from random strangers dance floors was also a really great idea.

Gunsberg said that his coping mechanism was getting on stage and luckily he ended up being "paid quite well for my coping mechanism". He also ended up on four different medications because his "switch got stuck to doom". And had to be on meds for a long time before "I got to a point where any of that rationalisation stuff could work".

Osher also doesn't like being called "Osh" because his name means something rude in Maltese. Something rhyming with "hunt". Yikes!

Osher says it takes a lot of work but he's happier now and living a good life. Although he needs a lot of self care to make sure he's ok. 

Watch the full interview below: