Pink posts photos during her time in New Zealand

scandal 03/09/2018

Pink is clearly loving her time in NZ and we're loving having her here!!

She's performing seven shows in NZ and has already kicked them off, performing in Dunedin on Saturday. Since touching down in NZ, Pink has been active on her Instagram about how much she loves NZ!

She posted a video from the stage in Dunedin as she rehearsed, hashtagging it with "#newzealandisfullofnicepeople". Awww!

She then posted a photo from the streets of Dunedin with two trendy women. Pink said she asked the women if they were designers or artists and one woman replied that she was a nurse and was with her daughter. So good!!

Pink then posted a photo from the Dunedin Farmer's Market, describing the day as a "beautiful memory". So cool! She is so chill, we love it!

We are looking forward to the upcoming updates from Pink's time in NZ! She's here until at least September 11 so we imagine she's going to get up to some more awesome stuff during her time here!