Omfg the girl from the "Baby Shark" video now lives in MASTERTON


The little girl who is one of the stars of the viral af (and extremely catchy/annoying) 'Baby Shark' video that has 1.7 billion views on YouTube has been staying under the radar in lil' old Masterton in NZ!

Nine-year-old Elaine Kim Johnston moved to Masterton from Korea last November and didn't think the video she starred in when she was 7 would be something people would care about. 

Her mum, Hee Jung 'Lisa' Kim Johnston said Elaine had already been successfully modelling in Korea since age four which was why she was contacted to audition for the video.

"I think she's quite unco [uncoordinated] but she's got the energy which is why I think they liked her," Lisa said, laughing.

Elaine had to practice the moves for 'Baby Shark' as well as the 'Penguin Dance' which has also been successful, having received 18 million views on YouTube.

No one in the Wairarapa knew Elaine was the girl in the video but her dad told a friend who knew children at her school, St Patrick's School. 

Elaine's friends were excited when they heard the news, especially her best friend Vyolet Banner, who was among those who already knew the dance in the video.

"At first they said it was 'cool' and then they tried to do it and I had to judge who was better," Elaine said.

She was a good sport when her friends "begged" her to perform the dance, with Elaine saying her St Patrick's School friends were her favourite part about living in Masterton.

"And my nana," she added.

This is so awesome!! We love Elaine!