New footage of Justin Bieber behaving bizarrely has fans worried about his health

scandal 21/09/2018

A video is circulating that shows Justin Bieber twitching and shaking uncontrollably as he meets fans in New York on the streets. 

The singer’s behaviour in the video has his followers concerned about his health and state of mind.

It’s understood the video was recorded earlier this month and shows Bieber in good spirits as he poses for photos with fans. Throughout the 20-second clip, though, he can be seen contorting his face uncomfortably and making rapid, repeated arm movements.

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun revealed earlier this month he was terrified the singer would overdose and die when he was in a “dark place” in recent years.

Braun told Van Lathan’s The Red Pill podcast last week:

There was a time when I would go to sleep almost every night — when he had the money to fly away from me — and I was worried every night that I was gonna lose him

“That was the time when I was telling him he’s not allowed to work. He used to yell and scream at me and he wanted to put music out. He wanted to tour, but I thought if he did that, he would die. So I just refused. We weren’t making any money, it wasn’t like I was trying to take advantage — I didn’t want him to work, I wanted him to get healthy.”

We hope he's doing okay! The footage is pretty scary to watch!