Married At First Sight NZ Brett & Angel talk about having children

scandal 24/09/2018

Before we get into the new season of Married At First Sight NZ, let's all have a look at how our favs from last year, Brett & Angel, are going!

While all the other couples broke up, Brett & Angel couldn't have been more loved up on the show and by the looks of things, that's still the case now.

Talking with Woman's Day, the couple talked about owning a new home together and wanting to fill those extra rooms.

Let’s just say the house we’ve bought has four bedrooms and we’ll definitely be filling them

Brett also went on to talk about the 'amazing mum' Angel will be.

She’s loving and committed – it’s a lovely look into the amazing mum I know she’s going to be.

Let's hope for some more love stories like there's out of the new season which starts Sunday, September 30th at 8.30pm on Three.