Love Island AU's Erin does tell-all YouTube video about Eden's domestic abuse

scandal 24/09/2018

Recently, Love Island's Eden went on Australian radio and explained why him and Erin had split. In the interview, he explained that while the distance played a part in the split, numerous cheating allegations from random people on social media was the real wedge that drove them apart.

Moments after the interview went to air, Erin contacted the radio station saying that Eden had flat out lied. 

"He is a liar," Erin alleged. "The real reason we broke up is because Eden has violent tendencies and he got very aggressive to me the day after we finished Love Island in Spain...So he got very very up in my face violent and when we came back I was in Sydney and he got very aggressive in the car and I said I didn’t want to be with him and he tried to kill us both in the car swerving side to side all out of lanes into other cars" she said.

Now Erin has taken to her YouTube channel to share more "truth" on her break up with Eden. In her video, Erin says that after the pair were drinking together at a villa before they went back to Australia. Eden got angry that she wanted to go to bed and started yelling at her and throwing things around the room. The argument had to be broken up multiple times by a chaperone.

The next "incident" happened while the pair were in a car together and Erin told Eden that she didn't want to be with him. He then allegedly said:

Well if you don't want to be with me then I'll kill us both.

And proceeded to swerve the car into oncoming traffic.

Erin goes on to explain that "that moment is another moment where I should have just walked away. Red flag, red flag, red flag. But no, I stayed. Stupidly."

Erin then goes on to describe the "last incident" that happened. Eden was drinking and not letting Erin sleep while she was trying to. At this point Erin says she was "scared to be alone with him". Eden allegedly popped pills and drank alcohol and got increasingly angry at Erin: "He was coming right up to my face, pushing my head with his head".

Eden left the house to stay at a hotel. "And that was the moment where we broke up".

After the break up, Erin said she had a lot of messages telling her that Eden had cheated on her.

Erin says that she wants her video to be "a stance about when you should leave a relationship", saying that her behaviour towards her is unacceptable.

"I want people out there to not stay in a relationship that's abusive".

We're really glad that Erin was brave enough to speak out about this and we hope that she gives others the strength to speak out too.